Fire Risk Assessments from 1st October 2023

It is now a statutory requirement that all smaller accommodations have a recorded Fire Risk Assessment.

PASC provide a very comprehensive set of downloadable guidance and templates for all aspects of what is required from all owners of letting properties, even a for a single night. New Guidance has been published by the Home Office that covers smaller accommodation, (no more than two storey, no more than 4 bedrooms, no more than sleeps 10, and not having an open-plan kitchen). 

Updated guidance for larger properties is still a work ion progress and we will update you as soon as we are made aware ourselves.

Full details are available via the PASC website, we have detailed a few below.

There are also links on the PASC site to recordings of Webinars if anyone needs any help.

Wales Summary Fire Regulations

England Summary Fire Regulations

Wales Fire & Rescue Service have an exceptionally good and informative guide available. It would be worth checking it against exactly what is required as it was published in 2021 We will keep an eye out for updates.

We hope all our members are happy with what needed to be done, and it has been achievable, but should you require outside help for the Fire Risk Assessments there are very reputable Fire Risk Assessors.

Do ask your fellow providers for their recommendations, these tend to be your best sources of information. Another option is to check with your fire alarm system fitter or the company that maintains your system via your maintenance programme. they will often work along side Assessors.

It is worth noting that competent & trusted advisors such as Fire Risk Assessors tend to be very busy and will have waiting lists but a properly drawn up assessment is worth its weight in gold should anyone ever be in the unfortunate position of having a fire, let alone for your own piece of mind.