Membership Fees

Membership fees vary depending on your business type.

Details of current membership fees for 2020 are listed here.

If you are a member of a local tourism group then you may be entitled to a 10% discount off the BBT membership fee.

Join the BBT Members Scheme today, and you will enjoy a range of benefits immediately.

How to join:

Joining BBT couldn’t be easier. Simply join now and email or post your application form to us.

We will then email you confirmation and enter your details onto our database. Payment will be required at this stage, either by BACS or cheque. We will then add your business details onto the website.

Renewing your membership can be made through our office by BACS or cheque.

On joining BBT, all members sign up to the following values:

  • Work harder… together to provide a distinctive experience for our visitors
  • Care more… for our visitors and the landscape that attracts them
  • Aim further… in our aspirations for a sustainable destination
  • Share more… of our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of all
  • We also have our own Code of Practice which we expect our members to abide to.

Brecon Beacons Tourism